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Mar 21 2023 3 min read

Employee Training at Morrison

Companies can invest in many things – land, buildings, machinery, inventory. However, the most important investment a company can make is in employees. That investment comes with a great return. In fact, the quality and commitment of employees can differentiate winners from also-rans in the business world.

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Feb 24 2023 3 min read

What makes Morrison a great place to work?

The average working person spends around 2,000 hours a year at their job, more if you’re the kind who takes work home. If you spend that much of your life at a job, it should be at a workplace and company you like. A company like Morrison. Now let's look into what makes Morrison a great place to work.

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Jan 23 2023 5 min read

What does a Morrison Parts Manager do?

The official description for the job says “A Part Manager oversees the Parts Department, receiving and placing orders, answering phone calls, assisting with walk-in customers, providing stock orders, performing inventory adjustments, and paying invoices.” That’s the condensed version. Now, here’s what three current Parts Managers have to say.

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Dec 19 2022 2 min read

Making Work Fun at Morrison

Which sounds better to you?  A culture where everyone just does their job and never interacts? Or a company where co-workers enjoy each other? Morrison employees would go for the second option.  We’re social animals after all so we don’t enjoy a job that’s all work and no fun

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Jan 02 2022 2 min read

Join a Critical Industry - Material Handling

Forklifts play a critical role in the Material Handling Industry—an industry that operates behind the scenes but is vital when it comes to getting us the goods we need in every industry—from manufacturing to agriculture to distribution of goods—material handling is all about keeping the world moving.

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