Everyone is hiring. But are they providing you with the tools you need to succeed?

We are. Because using and owning the correct tool for the job is essential for a technician to perform their job effectively and efficiently.

Morrison Mechanics Tools For Techs

A Tool Ownership Program

Hire into one of our Morrison Industries companies as a learner technician and receive an ‘on loan’ tool package detailed below.

Complete 18 months of employment in good standing and your hire in tool package will be completely and forever yours!

Morrison Mechanics ‘Hire in’ Tool Package:

  • 44” 13 drawer industrial roller cabinet
  • 44” 8 drawer roller cabinet top shelf
  • 413 pc. mechanics tool set
  • ½” drive impact gun
  • plus 30 additional tools and/or sets

Want more Tools? No Problem

Morrison’s Interest-Free Tool Purchase Program

Morrison Industries offers an Interest-Free Tool Purchase Program. This allows technicians with a minimum of six months of employment to acquire tools, enhancing efficiency in customer repairs. Technicians can spend up to $2,000.00, repaying the loan through interest-free payroll deductions over a maximum of eighteen months. The program can be used multiple times within the $2,000.00 limit, and a signed tool loan agreement outlines payment terms. If a technician leaves with an outstanding balance, it's deducted from their final paycheck; otherwise, tools become company property. Requires a minimum of six months of employment.

Training for Techs

Hire into one of our Morrison Industries companies as a learner technician and you will automatically be enrolled in our training program.

Training elements:

  • Fast Track Program
  • Level 1, 2, & 3 Classes
  • Factory Level Training
  • e-Learning Training
  • Home Study Course Training
  • Mentoring / Shadowing
  • Shop & Field One on One Repair

All aspects of our training program are fully paid!