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What kind of jobs can you find in material handling?

What does a Field Service Technician do?

A field service technician is responsible for providing on-site client installation, repairs, and maintenance of equipment. They perform on-location preventative maintenance and repairs on customer equipment. A field technician will diagnose issues, inspect, test, and listen to machines and equipment to locate causes of malfunctions, remove and inspect machine parts to detect wear, misalignment, or other problems, and install new or repaired parts. They clean and lubricates shafts, bearings, gears, belts, and other parts of machinery.

What does a Shop Mechanic do?

A Shop Mechanic works on repair and maintenance of rental and used equipment, and bigger projects that are not able to be performed at a customer facility. Some common tasks are engine rebuilds, engine swaps, cylinder rebuilds, and mast rebuilds.

What does a Parts Clerk do?

A Parts Clerk is responsible for looking up parts for technicians, taking customer calls for parts, pick up and deliveries of parts, shipping and receiving in parts, and overseeing van replenishment for technicians.

What does a Parts Department Manager do?

A Part Manager oversees the parts department, receiving and placing orders, answering phone calls, assisting with walk-in customers, providing stock orders, perform inventory adjustments and pay invoices.

What does a Service Department Manager do?

The Service Department Manager oversees the service team and communicates, schedules, and manages productivity for technicians. They set up scheduling, monitor invoices, provide customer service, and maintain productivity and efficiency throughout service department.

What does an Account Manager do?

An Account Manager handles accounts and needs of specific customers, as well as managing and following up with new leads. They quote new and used equipment, help with service quotes, jumpstart equipment sales, and provide fast friendly support to all customers.

What does a Customer Service Representative do

A Customer Service Representative provides hands on friendly service to customers with frequent customer visits. They supply customers with maintenance plans, quoting and selling lift truck equipment parts, and taking initiative on part sales.

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What is material handling?

Material handling is the whole industry working behind the scenes to make the world run. It's the industry of moving—but that's not all. It's every entity, product, and service that aids in the moving of a product through the supply chain.

In order to make everything work, the supply chain needs every kind of person with all kinds of skills and talents. Can you imagine how many jobs are needed to make this process work

Follow a day in the life of a forklift technician

Ever thought about changing careers? Looking to start one in the field with opportunities to get hands-on with emerging technologies and plenty of room for growth? The material handling industry might be the right fit for you!

Forklifts need technicians and with advances like driverless vehicles and automation making their way into warehouses it will soon be more important than ever to be able to quickly and safely maintain and repair them. With internal combustion diesel and electric forklifts all needing specialized knowledge and new opportunities becoming available all the time, skilled technicians are in high demand.