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Material Handling is an exciting industry to start or grow your career.

Seasoned supply chain industry leaders and top executives describe the industry as undergoing significant and rapid change. They are focused on making needed investments in facilities, equipment, processes, technology and workforce skills. Their view of the next 10-20 years is unanimous: the pace of change will accelerate as innovation and technology drive new approaches and capabilities.

Technician working on a fork wheel

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Solid. Dependable. Family. Yes, we have all the usual benefits and then some, but what Morrison has that is a rare find these days, is the kind of work culture where people retire after 35+ years and come back for another couple years because they “missed the guys” and the relationships they built with our customers.

That kind of benefit is hard to quantify—but liking the people you work with every day, finding satisfaction in a job well done, being treated with kindness and respect, and having some fun thrown in with the daily grind—that’s a place you want to stay and grow and retire from someday.