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Navigating the 'Why Here?' Job Interview Question

Feb 27 2024 Interviewing 3 Min. Read
Job interviews often evoke fear and dread among job seekers. However, it’s not difficult to get comfortable with being in an interview setting. Preparation is the key - being ready with answers to common questions.

Navigating the 'Why Here?' Job Interview Question: Your Ultimate Guide to Crafting a Compelling Answer

How NOT to Answer

Recruiters and hiring managers ask this question primarily to find out:

  • If you’ve thoroughly researched the company and understand it
  • Your fit with the company’s culture
  • What value you can bring to the company

In other words, it’s important to steer clear of responses centered around your own wants and instead stress what you’ll bring to the company. For example, don’t say “I really like the salary” or “The job seems like a good stepping stone for my career.” Instead, your answer should emphasize the benefits the company will get from hiring you to enhance their growth and success.

Tips For a Winning Response


Before your interview, research the company thoroughly. Explore their website and social media presence. If they have ads, review them. Read articles on the company and their industry. If possible, connect with someone already employed there, treating them to coffee or lunch to gain invaluable firsthand insights into the company.

Stress How You Fit the Company

Companies seek individuals who will fit in with their unique culture. Make sure your response aligns with the company's vision and culture. For example, “Upon thorough research, I find your commitment to innovative problem-solving and sustainability compelling. I am enthusiastic about contributing to a company that shares my dedication to making a positive impact." Craft your response with sincerity and specificity to leave a lasting impression on your potential employers.

Highlight the Impact of Your Skills on the Company’s Success

Employers want to understand your potential contributions. Emphasize how your skills align with the company's needs and stress how the opportunity can help you and the company grow. You’ll want to express enthusiasm so you might say something like "I'm excited about working here because it's the ideal space for me to apply my mechanical skills. The challenges in the job description align with my expertise, and I'm eager to contribute." Offer specific about the skills you have and how they’ll help the company.

Acknowledge The Company

Highlight your knowledge of the company and their industry by acknowledging their reputation, positive work environment or other notable attributes in your response. You could say, "I'm attracted to your company's reputation for innovation and commitment to employee development. I'm eager to join a team that sets industry standards and nurtures talent."

Doing thorough research and highlighting your fit, skills, benefits, and company strengths will help you craft a strong response to this important question.

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