Sales Manager - Grand Rapids

Location: Grand Rapids MI
Department: Grand Rapids
Type: Full Time
Experience: Manager/Supervisor
Posted: 2022-08-15


The definition of sales in this role involves equipment sales in general, with a primary focus on new forklift sales and a secondary focus on used, floor cleaning and warehouse product sales. Referencing our often-used tagline that lends itself to our company mission – “we’re a parts and service company that happens to sell forklifts” – the sales department is charged with putting as much equipment in the field as possible to allow our operations side of the business to support it.

Role Qualifications:       

  • Leadership: Demonstrated ability to lead people and get results through others
  • Management: Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Delivering information efficiently and accurately
    • Capable of being empathetic
  • Strong computer proficiency – in particular Microsoft applications
  • Must carry a positive attitude and foster team building
  • Must be as comfortable presenting in a board room as in the back of a customer warehouse


Include but are not limited to strategizing with Branch Managers and Account Managers to identify sales opportunities, developing sales strategies to meet those opportunities and implement leading sales activities to secure those opportunities.   The Sales Manager will work primarily with Account Managers in making field calls on existing and potential customers with the intent of expanding or initiating business.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Establishing and/or maintaining OEM partnerships
  • Managing and developing target customer relationships
  • Coordinate multi-branch location opportunities – with inter-company departments
  • Responsible for sales meeting content and presentation (quarterly)
  • Develop and execute sales/marketing plans designed to increase revenue
  • Develop and maintain processes for account manager accountability
    • Reviewing performance
    • Coaching necessary skill deficiencies
    • Motivating on a collective and individual basis
  • Keep detailed and up to date records of customers, agreements etc.
  • Continuously iterate on and improve upon sales processes

The position will be housed at the Grand Rapids corporate office. Located at 1825 Monroe NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

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